Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finally an update!!

Hello All!

I am the worst blogger ever! :) I think I start every blog that way! Matt and I are finally coming out of our whirlwind...I currently am in a Finals hole, but I shall be out on Thursday! I cannot tell you how excited I am for school to be out. This semester has been trying on me. My classes are pretty tough (all upper division history), and being pregnant doesn't help contribute to the energy factor. I am due in October (early October if I don't go late), and I had a tough decision to make. I am supposed to graduate this next fall, but I will be due mid semester. At the beginning of this journey, my thought was, "I will just power through...it will be hard but it will pass after a few months." The farther I get into my pregnancy, the more I am understanding how important it is to me to be there for every move my little baby makes in the first months of her life! (Yes her life!!! It's a girl!). The final decision has been made...my registration date for classes has come and gone (scary for me to not be in school), and I have decided that I will not be taking classes in the fall. I will postpone graduation to the next semester, and even then, maybe not until the next fall depending on how motherhood takes to me :) I know a lot of people have opinions about what I should do, but I have so much confidence that this is what is right for Matt and I and our little baby girl!

We had an ultrasound two weeks ago to find out the sex and as you know we are having a little girl! I was SHOCKED! There are so many wives tales about how to tell what you are having, and even though I didn't think I believed any of them, I did! I wasn't sick at all...My belly is sticking straight out, etc...All boy wives tales! I was sold that it was a boy...claiming it was maternal instinct. Well so much for that :) The moment I showed Matt the pregnancy test he said loudly, "It's a GIRL!"...I was like slow down tiger, I'm not used to It's a BABY! Anyway, we had a bet going. If it was a boy he would have to take me to the melting pot (I think he still should) and if it was a girl he would get a tattoo! THAT'S how sure I was that it was a boy! It took me like three days to adjust to girl thinking! A girl at work gave me the cutest mini jellies (sandals) and they have sparkles on them. I think that was the moment I realized! I am so so excited! Girl stuff is so stinking cute...mini dresses and bows! I love it ALL! We haven't decided on official names yet, but I will post when we do! We have another ultrasound in two weeks! Can't wait to see the growth that has happened already! I am currently 18 weeks and 2 days...it is going by so fast! I have been feeling amazing...just the last few days had some back pain and trouble sleeping (hoping it doesn't stay that way for the rest!)

Next huge thing...We MOVED! A few weeks ago we moved into our new ammmmmaaazzzing home! It was such a blessing from heaven. We have an incredibly low rent for a beautiful home that I feel like I could live in forever! The owner is an awesome lady that I can call to do things like go and pick out couches, etc...We absolutely love it! I sit at home in silence sometimes and just smile and thank God for this place...it is a dream come true for us. Living on our own has been an AWESOME adjustment. My dad was such a great house guest, but we did miss the privacy of having our own space. So far, I have had 4 parties! ha...I forgot how much I loved to entertain! Below are pictures from a baby shower that was held at my home and a few others!

Overall, life is going absolutely wonderfully...My work at the church has been so fulfilling. Matt and I are currently teaching a series together on purity for youth! I was pretty nervous because I am not used to teaching people younger than me! (You think I would be more nervous for adults!) Last week, I had a girl approach me and tell me that she wasn't a Christian but she wanted to be pure again. After talking with her she decided to give her life to Christ. God gave me the opportunity to pray with her! There is NOTHING more fulfilling than moments like that! I feel unworthy to experience it...I know that none of it is anything that I do, but all God's work...I am so priviledged to witness His glory like that!

We do not have the internet yet at our home, but are hoping too soon! I will be posting more often about what God is doing in our lives!

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Yay!! An update! Love you!