Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally! An UPDATE!

OK I know I am the worst blogger ever...I wish I was a Brooke Odgers or Paige Jennings (some of my favorite blogs) and I apologize to ALL OF OUR FAMILY (plus Jason) who have been asking for an update! So hereee weeee gooo!

Well, I'm still pregnant. Two days away from my actual due date. People ask me a lot if I feel like I'm getting close to the which I can only say, "I SURE HOPE SO!" Everyday, or middle of the night, I wake up and think with excitement that TODAY COULD BE HER BIRTHDAY! Matt and I talk about her constantly, and I'm consumed with the thought that I will hold her any day now somewhere other than my tummy! Physically, the last 5 weeks of this pregnancy have been a challenge. I honestly thought that I would not make it to the end...that she would HAVE to come early because there was no way my 5'0 body could hold her...hehe Well, now we know this little body can and DID hold her to the very end. When I look in the mirror I literally think, "Ok God this is getting a little ridiculous!" I have carried her STRAIGHT OUT! Some would see this as a blessing saying things like, "You can't even tell you're pregnant from behind" or exclaiming that I look like I have a basketball under my shirt. I will tell you, it would be nice if I would carry her wider because she hardly feels like a basketball...she feels like a CONCRETE slab under my shirt! I feel like I could tip over at any second and almost have a few times. And it's great that you can't tell I'm pregnant from behind, but from the front and the battle wound stretch marks people will ALWAYS know that I am and was pregnant!
Overall, this pregnancy has been very easy. I do have some blood platelet issues and a separated pubic bone (fun fun) that have been hard, but it has only been this last few weeks that I have been feeling DONE...more than I can ask for when comparing other pregnancies of friends or stories I've heard. People ask me daily if I am scared to give birth. While I know what to expect (I will push a baby out or she will be taken out), there are a few things that I am nervous about. Because my blood platelets are low, I may not be able to have an epidural. From my understanding, platelets effect your ability to clot...and putting something in your spine without the ability to clot blood isn't such a good idea. While I would LOVE to give birth unmedicated and have that as my goal, I DO want the option! Also, I do not want a blood transfusion if for some reason I lose too much. If you remember, just pray it isn't an issue when I go into labor! Along with thinking about those things, there are the normal hopes that Hailey Grace be in the best health she possibly could! I have been so thankful to God for the peace He has given me throughout all these unknowns. I recognize that worrying about these things cannot change a single thing, and that we will just have to cross those bridges when we get to them (if we could cross them today it would be great...ha)
One of the BIGGEST blessings of this entire pregnancy has been sharing the experience with my incredible friend Mallory Reynolds! We found out we were pregnant only a few months apart, and we have countless (now funny but then terrible) memories that we will forever share. She has been an incredible support to me and I thank God for putting her in my life at the time that He did. On top of it all, her ADORABLE daughter Avery Sofia was born on my birthday, July 29th. It was the best spent birthday ever and the best gift to be able to be there when she was born. I will never forget it! Below are some photos of Avery girl!

The last couple of weeks I haven't been working which has been a huge adjustment for me mentally. As a lot of you know, I am generally pretty busy. I thought that I couldn't wait to just rest, but after about two days I found myself a little antzy, but at the same time no energy to be productive. I am thankful though to have the time that I have had to rest and get ready! There have been a lot of changes recently too. My mom moved back into town which has been a blessing to have all of my immediate family (parents and sisters) in the same city! They have been a huge help. The other day, they all came over and cleaned my house, and then we cooked dinner and watched a movie. So much fun to have a girls night! On top of that blessing, my dad is now married to the best woman! Jennie has been nothing but a support to Matt and I, and it has been so great having her as a part of our family! Also, Wednesday we bought a car! We had a two door civic with a tiny backseat. At first, we were thinking we would just suck it up and deal with it. Wednesday I woke up and asked Matt if we could just go look at options for trading it in for a four door sedan. My IDEAL would be a Honda Pilot, a huge beast of a car, but I didn't want to settle for an old one with lots of miles to fit our budget. So we made our way to the Roseville Automall and looked at a few things. At our last stop, we found a 2009 Camry slightly used for a ridiculously low price. After a few hours of talking with the salesman, we got everything we wanted. PRAISE GOD! We are paying the same monthly for a newer car that is bigger and our insurance is cheaper! I feel like such a momma when I drive it...hehe It's nice to not have Hailey's carseat sticking out into the front seat, and it will save our backs getting her out of the backseat once she's here! Its definitely a luxury and a blessing from God!

Overall, we are all set for our little one to be born! Thank you to EVERYONE who helped us in preparing for her arrival! We couldn't have done it without you and Hailey is so blessed to have what she has!

To all of our family, I will update photos of Hailey when she is born along with a birth story! I PROMISE! hehe


Just A Girl From L.A. said...

I'm soooo excited for you and can't wait to see pix! I wish you a healthy and easy delivery and Matt not to faint :) Her room looks sooo cute and I'm glad everything is going well for you guys! Love you and miss you!!!!

Cori Durkee said...

I am incredibly proud of you, my daughter! Being a part and watching you and Matt through this journey has been such a blessing! We just can't wait to meet our Hailey!


Anonymous said...

Love the update and love you guys too. Can't wait to see Hailey.

Love, Barb