Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Thoughts on the Anthony Trial

So I know I don't update this blog very often...and usually when I do update it's about the kiddos...but something is on my mind that I wanted to share.

As most of you know, Casey Anthony was charged "not guilty" yesterday. I have to be honest that I did not follow this case very closely, but judging by the response of the world, many thought her to be guilty of killing her child. Now, as a mom, I literally cannot fathom that anyone would hurt their is seriously beyond me. I watched as the jury read off the counts she was charged with and wondered if maybe they felt that way it was just not possible that a mother could do that to her child. That maybe the world had not gotten that bad after all.

"On the charge of first degree murder....we find the defendant NOT say we all."
"On the charge of child endangerment, we find the defendant NOT say we all."

One by one, they deemed her NOT GUILTY. I love justice, and as a Christian, I know that my God loves it even more. I know that one day that little girls death will be justified, whatever the truth is. But, as they read off these counts, I pictured myself in Anthony's shoes, for I have been there many times. As the juror spoke out the words, "NOT GUILTY," over and over...I heard my Lord's voice. "On the charge of murder and hatred...on the charge of gossip...on the charge of YOU NAME IT I'VE DONE IT...I find the defendant, Ashley Jennings, NOT GUILTY." Everyone in heaven and hell and earth knew that I was actually guilty; that I deserve life in prison on earth, and death in hell in eternity. But my Creator, the ultimate judge, changed it all. And because my God is JUST...the giver of sin had to be dealt with. Someone had to pay the price.

Maybe she is guilty...maybe she isn't...but I WAS. I am reminded today of the freedom I have in Christ. I am reminded that now I have a purpose that lasts beyond this earth, to share this freedom with the world. I am cleansed and I am redeemed. I pray that my entire life would reflect my gratitude.


Ryan and Desyrae said...

Well said Ash. Good perspective on a negative situation.

Anonymous said...

Nicely written Ashley!

Hugs, Barb