Saturday, November 29, 2008

One goes and they all go...

So tonight we had our all church decorating party. We set up a huge Christmas tree on the stage, at cookies, hung garlands, and listened to Christmas music. I was warmed watching everyone, men and women if you can believe it, hanging ornaments and singing joyfully. I was assigned the task of decorating our fellowship hall tree. It is a pretty small tree. I tried to make my own bows. WHen that failed I got my mom on the phone who attempted to "show" me how to make them. I soon realized that no matter how crafty my mom is, I just don't have what it takes. Every once in a while I can pop out a cute baby shower or bridal shower (or six) invitation, but that is about it. So as I sat staring at my charlie brown tree with it's pathetic bows, I noticed a string of lights that was flickering. I walked over and touched it which caused all the lights to go out. I shook it a little and they flickered back on but quickly turned off again. From decorating with mom I knew that one little light bulb often caused the whole strand to turn off. I carefully inspected each and every lightbulb. Literally, the very last lightbulb on the strand was unplugged (go figure) just enough to make the whole cord go out. I plugged it in tightly and WAHLAH (not sure if that is the correct spelling of that expression) the whole strand lit up.

It reminded me of when Paul talks about the body of each person is gifted specifically for the function of the entire body...the body won't work with three eyes and no arms...each part plays a part. When one part is lacking, the whole body has to work extra hard to bring functioning up to par. Just like the lights, if one person is unplugged, the whole body hurts. God has gifted each and every person to play a role in His plan. I think sometimes we can compare our own role to the role of others; rating each on a scale...but the truth is, every single part needs to be engaged and actively working. Our faith is not just for ourselves. When we are connected with God it effects the whole body...when we are disconnected it shows.

December is one of the busiest times of the year for me...finals, busy at work, church events and parties, and of course shopping. Let's make a pact right now that we will continue to make time for put ourselves aside and serve our Lord. Only in Him can we find rest...only in Him do we have true purpose...what is more important than that?

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Ryan and Desyrae said...

So well said. Thanks for the reminder sweet friend!